What Do The Eyes Mean On A Snapchat Story? Explained

Snapchat keeps updating its features, making it easier for users to interact and giving creators valuable insights. One exciting feature is the eyes emoji next to Snapchat stories. This emoji shows that a story has been rewatched by friends, which is a clue that the story is popular and engaging.

What Do The Eyes Mean On A Snapchat Story?

The eyes emoji as a Rewatch Indicator

If you have Snapchat Plus, you’ll notice the eyes emoji popping up. This means a friend or follower has watched your story more than once. It’s a handy tool to see how popular your content is. Each eye emoji, with a number next to it, shows how many friends have rewatched your story. It won’t tell you how many times each person watched it, though, keeping things private.

Visible under Stories

eyes emoji under your Snapchat story

When you see an eyes emoji under your Snapchat story, it means some friends have rewatched it. This feature comes with Snapchat Plus, a paid app version that offers extra features, including this emoji.

It’s a simple way to see who’s really into what you’re posting. Knowing which stories catch more attention helps you figure out what your audience likes so that you can post more of that kind of content. This makes the experience more engaging for everyone and makes sharing stories more fun.

Shows that your friends have rewatched your story

The eyes emoji on a Snapchat story means some friends have watched your story more than once. This helps you see which stories people like the most. Each time a different friend rewatches your story, the number next to the eyes emoji goes up. This shows how much people are engaging with your content.

For content creators, this is helpful. It lets them know which stories work well and which don’t. Knowing what your audience likes helps you make better content in the future. So, if you see that eye emoji, you get direct feedback on what grabs attention.

An exclusive feature for Snapchat+ subscribers


The eyes emoji on a Snapchat story is a unique feature for Snapchat+ subscribers. This emoji shows up when someone replays a story. Next to the emoji, a number tells you how many friends have rewatched that story. Remember, it counts each friend just once, no matter how often they watch it again.

This cool feature lets users see how much others enjoy their stories, which is a great way for creators to see how popular their content is. Snapchat proves it cares about giving extra perks to its paying members only by offering a Snapchat+ subscription.


In short, the eyes emoji on a Snapchat story tells creators how often people re-watch their content. This tool is only for Snapchat Plus users. It’s a clear way to see how much viewers like their stories. Creators can use this information to make content that fits what their audience enjoys, keeping them interested for longer.

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