What Does The Purple Circle Mean On Snapchat Stories?

Snapchat uses a simple colour system to help users navigate the app. The purple circle on Snapchat stories isn’t just for looks; it’s beneficial. This visual cue makes it easy to find fresh content without looking through notifications or searching around.

Understanding the Purple Circle on Snapchat

the Purple Circle on Snapchat

Indicates a story you haven’t seen yet

When you see a purple circle around someone’s profile picture on Snapchat, it means they have a new story you haven’t watched yet. This helps you keep up with friends and people you follow, ensuring you don’t miss what they post.

Each story lasts 24 hours, and the purple circle stays until you watch it or it disappears. Just tap on the circle to watch the story; it’ll update so you know you’re all caught up.

Could also mean being added to a private story

Private story on Snapchat

You’re in their private story when you see a purple circle around someone’s profile picture on Snapchat. This is a unique feature where users share posts with just a few friends, not everyone. It’s for personal stuff you might not want everyone to see. There’s usually a little lock icon, too, which shows it’s private.

It Could also mean someone has added you as a friend through Quick Add

Added Someone through Quick Add

The purple circle on Snapchat can also mean someone added you through Quick Add. This feature suggests new friends based on mutual friends or other factors, making it easier to grow your social circle.

When someone adds you this way, you’ll see a purple circle around their Bitmoji or name in the ‘Add Friends’ section. This helps you spot new friends quickly, making connecting and chatting on Snapchat more straightforward.


The purple circle on Snapchat Stories is crucial because it shows new content. Snapchat keeps changing, and knowing these small but crucial details, like the purple circle, helps you use the app better. This purple circle isn’t just there for show; it encourages you to watch new stories and connect with others. It’s an intelligent move by Snapchat to help keep conversations fresh and everyone engaged.

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