Why Is Your Snapchat Heart Emoji Disappeared: The Truth Revealed

Snapchat uses heart emojis to show how close you are to someone else on the app. Each colour means something different about your friendship. These aren’t just for show; they change based on how much and how often you talk to each other. In the ever-changing world of social media, it can be confusing when a Snapchat heart emoji suddenly disappears from your chat.

The Meaning of Snapchat Emojis

Yellow Heart

Yellow Heart On Snapchat

On Snapchat, the Yellow Heart emoji appears when you and another person are each other’s top friends. This happens when you send more snaps to each other than to anyone else. You’re connecting and chatting back and forth a lot.

When you see that emoji, it’s like a little badge that says you’re both putting effort into staying in touch. It’s unique because it shows you’re each other’s main buddy there, different from everyone you talk to on the app.

Red Heart

Red Heart On Snapchat

Earning a Red Heart on Snapchat means you and someone else have been each other’s top friends for two weeks straight. It’s a step up from the Yellow Heart, which you get when you’re each other’s best friend for a shorter time. Getting a Red Heart means you chat a lot on the app, showing you have a strong, growing friendship.

This isn’t just about talking a lot; it’s about choosing to connect mainly with each other on Snapchat. This kind of regular chatting strengthens your friendship and shows how important your connection is in the world of Snapchat.

Pink Hearts

Pink Heart On Snapchat

After discussing the Red, let’s dive into the Pink Hearts. These represent a Snapchat friendship lasting two months or more. More than just showing casual chats, these hearts show deep, ongoing communication.

Earning this emoji is a big deal – it puts you at the top of Snapchat’s friendship rankings. You must be each other’s #1 Best Friend for a long time to get here, showing steady dedication and mutual exchange of snaps. This emoji confirms a robust and lasting connection, one that goes beyond ordinary digital conversations.

Common Reasons for the Disappearance of Your Snapchat Heart Emoji

App Glitches Impacting Emoji Display

Glitch in Snapchat

There are a few reasons why your Snapchat heart emoji might disappear. Sometimes, Snapchat has technical problems or needs to update its software. When this happens, heart emojis and others might not show up right or disappear for a bit. Usually, these issues fix themselves when the developers update the app.

Also, if an app update doesn’t install properly, emojis might not look right or work as they should. If you’re having this issue, ensure your Snapchat app is current. If updating doesn’t help, reaching out to Snapchat support might be your next best step. They can help sort out any ongoing issues with your emojis.

Algorithm Changes Affecting Emoji Status

Snapchat often changes its algorithm, and you might not notice at first. But these updates can sometimes make your favourite heart emojis disappear. The app adjusts how it measures friendships and shows these emojis.

Sometimes, the rules for keeping or getting a yellow, red, or pink heart become more challenging. These changes are meant to improve your experience but can also be confusing when emojis change unexpectedly.

Friendship or Streak Changes Leading to Emoji Loss

Snapchat streak

Changes in how often you or a friend snap at each other can cause heart emojis to disappear on Snapchat. Those emojis might change or disappear if you start snapping at someone else more often or interact less with your friend.

If you keep that up for two months, it becomes Pink Hearts. So, whether you want to keep or change these emojis, it’s all about who you snap the most.

Solutions to Retrieve Your Snapchat Heart Emoji

Reach Out to Snapchat Support for Assistance

contact Snapchat support

If your Snapchat heart emoji disappears or changes, asking for help from Snapchat support is a good idea. You can contact them through the support section in the app or on Twitter, where they’re active. When you reach out, explain what’s happening clearly and share screenshots. This will help them figure out what’s wrong. The support team knows how to fix these issues and can guide you on what to do or fix it for you.

While waiting for their reply, ensure your app is up to date, as this could solve the problem. Hang in there, as they might need some time to respond.

Enhance Friendship Bonds or Streaks

Focus on boosting your interactions with a specific friend to get your heart emoji back on Snapchat. Make sure to send snaps every day. It’s best if these are not just any snaps; make them personal and exciting. This helps build a real connection. You’ll start with a yellow heart if you two snap at each other the most. Keep it up; it can turn into a Red or Pink Heart over time. These hearts show that you’re not just chatting a lot but also that you’re close friends.

Keeping this friendship strong means keeping up the excellent work with meaningful chats. It’s about more than just sending pictures; it’s about building friendships.


If your Snapchat heart emojis are gone, it might be because your chatting habits have changed or there’s a glitch. These emojis are crucial for showing friendship levels on the app. If you want them back, try messaging your friends more or contacting Snapchat’s help desk. By doing this, you’re not just likely to get your emoji back, but you’re also strengthening your friendships. It makes the whole Snapchat experience better.

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