Snapchat Planets Order And Meaning Explained [2024 Updated]

In today’s digital world, social media keeps evolving, changing how we connect. Snapchat’s new Planets feature in 2024 is a perfect example of this change. It sorts your friends into groups, from Mercury for your closest friends to Neptune for those you don’t talk to as much.

Snapchat Planets Order and Meaning

In Snapchat Plus, the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and Jupiter show how close you are to your friends. Mercury means they’re your top friend, and Jupiter means they’re your fifth closest. This setup makes it easy to see who you’re closest to, improving and simplifying your Snapchat experience.



In the Snapchat Plus world, Mercury represents your closest friend. It’s shown as a bright red planet with four hearts. This means you and this friend interact often—through messages, snaps, and watching each other’s stories.

Snapchat figures this out using its system that checks how often you chat and engage with each other. If you’re someone’s Mercury, you’re their best buddy on the app. It’s an excellent way to see who you’re closest with and makes using Snapchat more fun.



On Snapchat Plus, Mercury shows your closest friend. Next up is Venus, which stands for your second closest friend. Venus appears in light brown with colourful hearts, capturing the feel of strong yet slightly less close friendships than those represented by Mercury. This setup helps you see who’s in your circle, making understanding and valuing your friendships easier. Venus, coming right after Mercury, points out that friendships have levels of closeness, helping you sort out your connections on Snapchat more clearly.



In Snapchat’s Friend Solar System, Earth represents your third closest friend. Its classic blue and green colours are shown, complete with familiar continents and four red hearts.

This means you have a strong friendship, though it’s not your closest one. The depiction of Earth with continents suggests your friendship is solid and far-reaching, reminding you of dependability and a broad connection. The hearts show affection.

On Snapchat, you can spot Earth by its unique icon next to your friend’s name, marking them as a special, yet not the closest, friend in your Snapchat world.



In Snapchat’s Friend Solar System, Mars is your fourth closest friend. It’s marked by its red colour and decorated with craters that have three hearts in purple and light blue. This spot shows that you chat quite a bit with this friend but less than with your top three friends, represented by Mercury, Venus, and Earth.

Mars, known for symbolising energy and passion, suggests your friendship is vibrant and active. Knowing about Mars helps you see the different layers of your friendships on Snapchat, giving you a clearer view of how the app sees your chatting habits and shared moments with each friend.


On Snapchat’s Friend Solar System, Jupiter represents your fifth closest friend. It’s easy to spot with its reddish-orange colour and stars.

Being the fifth planet means this friend isn’t in your innermost circle, where friends like those represented by Mercury and Venus are, but they’re still pretty significant.

Knowing who’s who in this lineup can help you figure out who to connect with more on Snapchat Plus. So, seeing someone is your Jupiter means you’re pretty close, but there’s room to grow closer.


After talking about Jupiter as the symbol for your fifth closest friend, let’s look at Saturn, which stands for your sixth closest friend in Snapchat’s Friend Solar System.

For those who subscribe to Snapchat Plus, each planet shows how close you are to each friend. Saturn is further out than planets like Mercury or Venus, showing a firm but less intimate connection.

Saturn looks like it does in space in the app, highlighting its distance but still showing a connection. Knowing this, you can better understand your friendships and try to connect with those not in your innermost circle.


In Snapchat’s Friend Solar System, Uranus is considered the seventh closest buddy. It’s not the friends you talk to daily, but they’re still important in your social circle. This friend might not appear in your daily chats, but they’re a stable and long-lasting part of your life. Recognising RRecognizing helps us see the value in all kinds of friendships on Snapchat Plus, not just those always active.



Snapchat’s Friend Solar System features Neptune as the eighth closest friend. Much like the distant planet it’s named after, this position represents a friend you might not talk to often. It’s a nudge to reach out and reconnect. Neptune’s role in this lineup is fantastic because it reminds you of those long-time friends who aren’t always in the spotlight but still mean a lot.


To wrap up, Snapchat’s new Planets feature makes it fun to see how close you are to your friends. It sorts your friends like planets in the solar system, from nearest to least close, starting with Mercury and going to Neptune. At first, it might seem tricky, but once you get the hang of it, it may make chatting more fun. As Snapchat keeps improving this feature, more people can sign up and stay active. It’s a fresh approach that could shake things up in social media.

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