How To Use The Instagram Collab Feature On Posts And Reels – Guide

Instagram’s new Collab feature is an excellent tool for creators who want to grow their reach. When you make a post or Reel with someone else, both of you share it with your followers so more people can see it.

Collaborating isn’t just about choosing who to work with; you must also handle a few technical details. By getting these steps right, creators can better connect with their fans and other creators. Let’s explain what you need to know to use this feature effectively.

How to Use the Instagram Collab Feature for Posts and Reels

Creating a reel with the Collab tag

Instagram Collab Feature for Posts and Reels

Creating a reel with the Instagram Collab tag lets you and another user collaborate on content. This can really boost the number of people who see and interact with your reel.

Start by making your reel like you usually would—picking your clips, editing them, and adding music. Before you post it, hit the ‘Tag People’ button, then choose ‘Invite Collaborator’. You’ll need to look up your partner’s username.

Once you find them and send an invite, they have to accept. If they do, your reel will appear on both your profiles, meaning more people can see it. Sharing each other’s followers is a great way to reach more viewers.

Accepting a Collab post invitation

get an invite to collaborate on an Instagram post or Reel

When you get an invite to collaborate on an Instagram post or Reel, you can check it out right from your notifications or direct messages. Once you see the invite in your Instagram activity, just tap on it. This takes you to see what the post or Reel is all about. If it looks like a good fit for you and your followers, hit the ‘Review’ button, then click ‘Accept’ to join in as a co-author.

Different strategies for using Collab posts

Using Instagram’s Collab feature smartly can really boost the number of people who see and interact with your posts and Reels. Teaming up with other influencers or brands that attract a similar crowd is a good idea. This way, when you do things together, like host events or release new products, you grab the attention of more followers from both sides. You can also run cross-promotions or giveaways, which excite people from both groups and more likely to engage.

Mixing up the type of content you share is another plus. Your audience stays interested when you bring different styles and views into your posts. The most important thing? Pick the right partners. Ensure you share similar values and that your audiences are interested in the same things. This ensures that your team efforts really hit the mark.

Benefits of Using the Instagram Collab Feature

Increased reach

Increased reach on Instagram

The Instagram Collab feature is excellent for reaching more people. When you team up with someone, both your followers see the post. This means you might double your audience without extra work.

It’s like getting the chance to meet all of your friend’s friends at once. This can really help if you’re trying to get noticed by more people. When your post shows up on two feeds, it reaches different groups of people who might not even know each other.

Higher engagement

Higher engagement on Instagram

Instagram’s Collab feature really boosts people’s interaction with posts. When two users team up on a post or Reel, they reach all their followers simultaneously, meaning more people see and interact with the content. This means more likes, comments, and shares, which is excellent for both users involved.

It’s especially good for content creators and businesses wanting to spread their message far and wide. By working together, users can tap into each other’s audiences. This helps more people find their content, leading to more followers and a more substantial online presence.

Easy collaboration with others

Instagram’s new Collab feature makes it easy to collaborate on posts. This feature is great for creators, businesses, and friends who want to reach more people.

When you use Collab, your post appears on everyone’s profile involved in the collaboration. This means more people see it, leading to more likes and comments and maybe even making your content go viral.

Plus, it saves time because you don’t have to post the same thing on different accounts. It’s an intelligent way to share content and grow your audience together.


In short, the Instagram Collab feature is an excellent way for creators to boost their online presence and engage more people. It lets users work together on posts and Reels, reaching more followers and making their content go further. By using this tool wisely, creators can build stronger communities and increase their visibility and interactions. It’s a valuable tool for anyone looking to make a mark online.

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