What Happens When You Restrict Someone On Instagram – How To Do It?

Using Instagram’s restriction feature can make your online life a bit easier. It’s less harsh than blocking someone, and it’s handy because it avoids the drama that blocking someone can sometimes cause. This feature helps you keep your digital space peaceful without making things awkward. So, what are the good and bad points of using this feature instead of just blocking someone? Let’s talk about that.

What Happens When You Restrict Someone on Instagram?

Messages go to Requests Inbox.

Instagram Messages go to Requests Inbox.

When you restrict someone on Instagram, their messages go straight to your Requests inbox instead of the main chat. This is part of Instagram’s plan to help you handle your interactions smoothly without blocking or unfollowing someone. You won’t get a notification if a restricted person sends you a message. You can check the message when you feel like it; the sender won’t know when you’ve read it.

Comments are hidden by default.

On Instagram, the Restrict feature lets you control who sees comments on your posts. When you restrict someone, their comments are hidden from everyone but you and them. You can see these comments and decide whether to show them to everyone else or delete them. This is a handy way to manage comments without causing a public fuss. It keeps things simple and lets you decide what’s visible in your posts.

Active status is hidden.

When you restrict someone on Instagram, they can’t see when you’re online. This helps keep your privacy intact and reduces interactions without blocking them. They won’t know if you’re using the app or have been active recently.

This makes things more comfortable for you, allowing you to use Instagram without needing to reply immediately or worrying about them noticing your online activity. Instagram added this feature to ensure you feel safe and relaxed using the platform.

How to Restrict Someone on Instagram (Step by Step)

Restrict via Comments

Restrict via Comments on instagram

You can use the restrict feature from the comments section to manage who can interact with you on your posts. When you see a comment from someone you want to restrict, swipe left on it if you’re using an iPhone or press and hold it if you’re on Android.

This will show you some options, including ‘Restrict.’ Tap on it, and Instagram will ask if you’re sure. Say yes, and then that person’s comments won’t be seen by anyone but you and them. You can choose to show these comments to everyone else by approving them or keeping them hidden.

Restrict via Messages

Restrict via Messages on instagram 2

First, open the chat with the person you want to restrict. Click on their name at the top of the screen for more options. You’ll see ‘Restrict’ there. Click on it, then confirm your choice.

Once you do this, their messages will go to your Message Requests folder. They won’t know when you’ve read their messages or if you’re online. This feature helps keep your direct messages private without letting the other person know they’ve been restricted.

Restrict via User’s Profile

Restrict via User's Profile on Instagram 1

The easiest way to restrict someone on Instagram is through their profile. Here’s how:

Go to that person’s profile and click the three dots at the top right corner. Choose ‘Restrict’ from the menu that pops up. You’ll need to confirm your decision. Once you do, that user is restricted. This means you must approve their comments and messages before they appear.

This method is quiet; the other person won’t know you’ve limited their interactions with you. It’s a simple way to keep unwanted interactions at bay.


In short, when you restrict someone on Instagram, you keep things low-key without blocking them completely. This is great for your privacy and helps you handle your social interactions quietly. When you do this, their messages go to your Requests inbox, and their comments won’t appear unless you approve them. This way, you can decide what’s visible and what isn’t. It’s about giving us more control and options over how we interact online and ensuring we can stay comfortable while using social media.

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