9 Best Instagram Filters You Should Use [2024 Updated]

Instagram remains a top platform for sharing your creativity and building your brand. These nine filters have something for everyone, whether you want to add a soft touch or go for a dramatic look. Each filter brings something unique to the table, turning simple pictures into eye-catching posts. You could boost your Instagram game by figuring out how to use these filters wisely in different situations.

Most Popular Instagram Filters in 2024


Popular Instagram Filter Clarendon

Clarendon became a favourite Instagram filter in 2024. It boosts both color and contrast but keeps a natural look. The filter darkens shadows, adding depth without making the images look fake. At the same time, it brightens the lighter areas, making the photos lively yet realistic.

This makes Clarendon flexible and perfect for all kinds of photos, from spontaneous street shots to carefully arranged portraits. Plus, it subtly enhances colours, which works great in different lights. This is why both everyday Instagram users and pros often choose Clarendon. It consistently delivers high-quality results.


Popular Instagram Filter Juno

In 2024, Juno will be a hot Instagram filter, just like Clarendon. It’s great for boosting contrast and adding cool color tints to your photos. Juno really shines with warm colors and bright spots, making everything look more vivid. It slightly increases saturation, so the colors stand out but still look natural. It’s perfect for portraits and street photography because it improves skin tones. Juno combines contrast and color to make your pictures pop while still looking clear and appealing.


Popular Instagram Filter Gingham

Gingham is a popular Instagram filter in 2024. It gives photos a vintage look with its light sepia tones and muted colors. People like it because it makes their pictures feel warm and nostalgic, almost like looking back in time. Gingham is great for giving your photos a soft, old-fashioned style. It tones the brightness a bit, making your photos easy on the eyes but still beautiful. It works really well for both portraits and landscapes, adding a subtle, aged effect that makes your shots look like they’re from another era.


Popular Instagram Filter Lark

Lark is a favorite Instagram filter in 2024 because it brightens photos but still looks natural. It’s great for outdoor shots because it tones down colors, making everything look calm and friendly.

Lark keeps the scene looking natural and beautiful, which is perfect when you want to highlight nature or any place that looks good on its own. It adjusts the light and shadows just right, so the picture stays true to what you actually saw.


Popular Instagram Filter Sierra

The Sierra filter is popular in 2024 because it gives photos warm, earthy colors. It makes them look a bit old and less sharp, which people really like. This filter works great for outdoor pictures and makes everything look softer and more inviting. It’s perfect for those who want their pictures to feel timeless and comforting.

Sierra is perfect for photos of landscapes and people. It adds a hint of old-time charm, making the images feel more emotional and warm. This is part of a more significant trend where people enjoy visuals that remind them of the good old days and feel relaxed.


Popular Instagram Filter Ludwig

As we dive deeper into the most loved Instagram filters of 2024, Ludwig really catches the eye. It’s excellent at bringing out reds and adding warmth to your photos, which is perfect for pictures of buildings and nature.

This filter gently increases color intensity and balances light and shadow, creating images that look both vibrant and natural. Ludwig is especially good at enhancing warm colors, making ordinary shots look exceptional.

It’s popular not just for how it makes photos look, but also because it works well in different lighting situations. Both hobby photographers and pros on Instagram often choose Ludwig for these reasons.


Popular Instagram Filter Nashville

As we look at the top Instagram filters of 2022, Nashville really stands out. It gives photos a soft, vintage look that many users love. This filter tones the colours and adds a warm, pinkish tint. It makes both portraits and landscapes feel nostalgic and gentle.

Nashville turns ordinary photos into something that seems timeless. It’s easy to use for hobbyists and professionals and works well with all sorts of photos. More and more people are using it because of its simple yet powerful effect.


Popular Instagram Filter Inkwell

In 2024, the Inkwell filter will be a big hit on Instagram. This classic filter turns colourful pictures into sharp black-and-white images. People love it because it gives photos a dramatic, timeless look.

By enhancing shadows and highlights, Inkwell adds a touch of class and emotional depth you don’t always get with colour photos. It’s great for portraits and city scenes, highlighting textures and details beautifully.

With a trend towards more straightforward, minimal styles, it’s no surprise that Inkwell is becoming even more popular. It shows that sometimes the most vital statements are made in simple black and white.


Popular Instagram Filter Moon

Moving on to another popular filter of 2024, Moon is catching the eye of Instagram fans. It’s great for night photos and adds a magical, bright touch.

The Moon filter lifts the brightness just enough, lighting night skies and city scenes with a soft, dreamy glow. It fine-tunes shadows and highlights, keeping the details clear even in dark areas.

Plus, it throws in a hint of blue, making the atmosphere of your photos even more moody. This filter is a hit for photographers and anyone looking to show off the night’s beauty in a really cool way on their social feeds.

How to Use Filters in Instagram Stories and Posts

Using filters in Instagram stories and posts can really improve the quality of your photos and videos, making them more engaging.

Here’s how to do it: Open your Instagram app and swipe left to get to the camera for stories, or tap the ‘+’ sign for posts. You can pick from different filters by swiping right or left at the bottom of your screen. You’ll see each filter’s effect immediately, helping you choose the best one before you capture or upload your content. Once you pick a filter, you can adjust how strong it is. Just tap and hold the screen; a slider will appear, letting you tweak the filter’s intensity. This way, you can make sure everything looks just right.


In short, choosing suitable Instagram filters can really make your photos pop and keep your theme consistent. Filters like Clarendon, Juno, Gingham, Lark, and Sierra bring different styles that meet various photography needs. This helps you tell your story better. These filters make your posts more engaging and help you share feelings and stories more powerfully online.

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