What Does ‘This Story Is Unavailable On Instagram’ Mean? And Here’s How To Fix It!

Why do you see the ‘This Story is Unavailable’ message on Instagram? If you’ve come across this, it means you can’t access the Instagram story you were trying to look at. Several reasons might cause this block. It’s pretty normal and usually points to updates or restrictions on that story or account. Knowing why this happens helps you use Instagram more smoothly and keeps you from getting too frustrated.

Common Reasons for the Message “This Story is Unavailable” on Instagram

Deleted Instagram Stories

Deleted Instagram Stories

When you see the ‘This Story is Unavailable’ message on Instagram, it’s often because the person who posted it has taken it down. People delete their stories before the usual 24 hours for several reasons. Maybe there was a mistake in the post, they changed their mind about sharing it, or they didn’t like the feedback they were getting.

Once a story is deleted, no one can see it anymore. This is final. The story can’t be returned, and it’s completely removed from Instagram’s servers. This means the person who posted it keeps their privacy and control over their content.

Expired Instagram Stories

Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours. This design encourages people to share more freely, knowing the content won’t stick around. When a story hits that 24-hour limit, it’s gone for good, and no one can see it anymore.

This keeps things fresh but can be confusing if someone tries to watch a story right as it expires. To help with this, Instagram lets you save stories to ‘Highlights.’ This way, they stay available much longer than a day.

Instagram Stories Hidden from You

When you see ‘This Story is Unavailable’ on Instagram, it means the user has chosen to hide their story. People do this for different reasons. Sometimes, they use the ‘Close Friends’ feature to share stories with just a few chosen people.

Other times, they might block specific followers from seeing their story. Also, if someone temporarily deactivates their account, all their content, including stories, becomes unavailable. Lastly, Instagram might take down a story if it breaks their rules.

Private Instagram Account Issues

Private Instagram accounts often cause the ‘This Story is Unavailable’ error because they hide their stories from anyone who isn’t approved to follow them. Only people they’ve allowed can see their posts when they set their account to private.

If you see this message and are not a follower, you can’t see the story unless they accept your follow request. This privacy setting helps users control who sees their content, especially for sharing personal or sensitive information.

Being Blocked by an Instagram User

If you see the message ‘This Story is Unavailable’ on Instagram, it might mean the user has blocked you. You can’t see their stories, posts, or profile when someone blocks you. Instagram won’t tell you directly if you’re blocked, but this message is a clue. People block others for many reasons, like disagreements or wanting privacy.

If you think you’ve been blocked, try looking up the user from a different account. They’ve probably blocked you if you can see their profile there but not on your main account.

Steps to Resolve the “This Story is Unavailable” Issue on Instagram

Clear the Instagram App Cache

Clearing the cache for your Instagram app can fix problems like seeing the ‘This Story is Unavailable’ message. Clearing the cache removes old or messed-up data that might be causing problems. It’s like giving the app a fresh start, which can fix small bugs.

Here’s how to do it:

For Android:

Clear the Instagram App Cache

  • Open Settings
  • Go to Apps or Application Manager
  • Find Instagram
  • Tap on Storage
  • Press Clear Cache

For iPhone:

  • Delete Instagram app

Delete Instagram app

  • Go to the App Store
  • Search for Instagram
  • Download and reinstall the app

Download and reinstall the app


  • Clearing the cache ensures smooth app performance
  • iPhone requires app deletion to clear the cache

Relog into Your Instagram Account

After clearing the app’s cache, the next step to fix the ‘This Story is Unavailable’ error is to sign out and back into your Instagram account. This refreshes your session and often fixes problems that clearing the cache doesn’t.

Here’s how: Go to your profile and tap on the three lines in the top right corner. Then, hit ‘Settings’ and scroll down until you see ‘Log Out.’ Tap it. Log back in with your username and password. This might sort out any glitches that prevent the story from showing up. Just make sure you know your password or have it written down somewhere safe before you log out.

Update the Instagram Application

Update the Instagram Application

Updating the Instagram app is critical to fixing the ‘This Story is Unavailable’ issue. It helps solve bugs and improves the app’s features and security. Developers often release updates to tackle problems that might be causing issues with viewing stories.

To update, go to your device’s app store, search for Instagram, and hit the update button if it’s there. It’s a good idea to turn on automatic updates, so you’re always up to date.

Refresh the Instagram Feed

Refresh the Instagram Feed

If you see the ‘This Story is Unavailable’ message, refreshing your Instagram feed is an easy first step. Just pull down on your feed to refresh it. This forces the app to check in with Instagram’s servers again, which can fix temporary issues or delays in showing the story.

If the story went up and didn’t load right because of a bad connection or a quick server problem, refreshing might make it appear. It’s a simple fix that often works for minor glitches, so you don’t have to try anything more complicated.


In short, if you see the message ‘This Story is Unavailable on Instagram,’ it usually means the story has expired, been deleted, or is hidden due to the user’s privacy settings. To fix this, try clearing your app’s cache, logging out and back in, updating the app, or refreshing your feed. Doing these things helps the app check in with Instagram’s servers and might let you see the story if it’s still available. Give it a shot!

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