How To Turn Off Read Receipts On Instagram [2024 Updated]

In today’s world, keeping your online privacy in check is crucial. One simple way to do this on Instagram is to turn off read receipts. This means that when you read a message, the sender won’t know. It’s a handy feature that keeps your privacy intact and lets you rely on your own time without feeling rushed. Whether you’re keeping things professional or managing your social interactions more comfortably, this step is beneficial.

What Are Read Receipts on Instagram?

Read receipts on Instagram, which are part of the messaging feature and let you know when someone has seen your message. When someone opens your message, the read receipt activates and lets you know they’ve seen it. This feature helps keep communication clear—you know if the person has gotten your message. However, it can also make people feel they need to reply immediately, changing how they interact on the platform.

How to Turn Off Read Receipts on Instagram?

Option 1: For individual chats

To turn off read receipts for specific Instagram chats, follow these steps:

  • Open your Instagram app and click the Messenger icon, usually at the top right.
  • Scroll and pick the conversation for which you want to change settings.
  • Please open it and tap the username at the top.

Turn Off Read Receipts on Instagram

  • Look for ‘Privacy & safety’ and find the ‘Read receipts’ toggle.
  • Switch it off.

Turn Off Read Receipts on Instagram For individual chats

Option 2: For all chats

Turn Off Read Receipts on Instagram For all chats (1)

If you want more privacy on Instagram, you can easily turn off read receipts for all your chats.

First, open the Instagram app and tap your profile icon. Then, click the hamburger icon in the top right corner and go to ‘Settings and Privacy’.

Choose ‘Messages and story replies’, and you’ll see ‘Show read receipts’. Just switch it off.

Turn Off Read Receipts on Instagram For all chats

No one can tell when or if you’ve read their messages. This change applies to all your conversations on Instagram, giving you better privacy control.


Turning off read receipts on Instagram is a big step in improving user privacy. Now, you can turn off read confirmations for specific messages or all your chats. This makes your communication on Instagram more private and under your control. It’s great because it lets you manage how you interact with others on your terms and at your own pace. This change helps make chatting on Instagram a more comfortable experience, allowing you to communicate how and when you prefer.

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