Why Are My Instagram Stories Blurry? Here’s How To Fix It

It’s really annoying when Instagram stories come out blurry, especially since we all want to share great-looking content. Good visuals are key to grabbing people’s attention and keeping them interested. If your stories are fuzzy and hard to see, they might not have the impact you want. This makes people look for ways to fix their story quality. Let’s discuss those ways in this article.

Possible Reasons and Solutions for Blurry Instagram Stories

Enable highest-quality uploads

Turning on the high-quality upload option on Instagram

Turning on the high-quality upload option on Instagram can make your stories look clearer and less blurry. Here’s how to do it:

Go into your Instagram settings and find ‘Data usage and media quality.’ Then, switch on the ‘Upload at highest quality’ option. This helps your photos and videos keep their original sharpness by fighting off Instagram’s usual compression, which is there to save data.

Sure, this might use a bit more of your data, but improving how your posts look is worth it, especially if you’re trying to keep things looking professional. High-quality images grab more attention and can really boost your interaction with your audience.

Internet connection issues

Your Instagram stories might look blurry when your internet is slow or spotty. That’s because Instagram has to squeeze the photos and videos to ensure they are still uploaded.

To avoid this, check your internet connection before you post. It’s best to use a Wi-Fi connection, which is usually more reliable than cellular data. Also, try closing any other apps that are using the internet so that Instagram can use more of it.

Outdated app

Instagram updates

Another reason your Instagram stories might be blurry because you’re using an old app version. Instagram updates often include improvements that make your photos and videos look better.

If you don’t update your app, you might miss out on new features that help manage and enhance your images and videos. Plus, older app versions might not work well with the latest media formats or your phone’s hardware, which can mess things up.

Low-quality camera or settings

Using a low-quality camera or the wrong settings can mess up the look of your Instagram stories. If you use a smartphone or camera with a poor sensor, you’ll probably get images that look fuzzy and pixelated, especially after Instagram compresses them. Also, having the wrong camera settings, like low resolution or lousy focus, can blur your pictures.

To fix this, set your camera to the highest resolution and focus as best you can. If you keep having trouble with the image quality, you might need a better camera. Adjusting these settings can improve your Instagram stories’ sharpness and attractiveness.


When your Instagram stories look blurry, it’s usually due to a few common problems. You might have a weak internet connection, an outdated version of the Instagram app, poor camera settings, or a low-quality camera sensor. To fix this, first, make sure your internet connection is strong. Then, update your Instagram app to the latest version. Adjust your camera settings for better quality, and if possible, use a device with a better camera.

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